Got my first call duck today


10 Years
Nov 8, 2009
Epping, NH
Hi everyone.

I haven't posted in quite a long time. Been busy through a hectic winter, etc, but wanted to come back here to make some posts regarding my chickens, and I just got my first call duck today. A female under a yr old and the prev. owner says it's blind, but my what a cute little ducky it is.

At the moment I have it in temporary housing. It's in a large dog crate which is in the barn with a canvas tarp over it. It's about 40/45 out there.. I assume she'll be ok, right? For bedding inside are pine shavings and hay and she has a bowl with food and another for water. Is this an ok setup for a couple days til I build her permanent duck home?

I wasn't prepared for this duck when I got it. I went to look at a goat that was for sale and the owner said the goat loved this duck and since she showed me all her different fowl and poultry we got talking since I have chickens and mentioned I was going to eventually get ducks, so, she gives me this cutest little call duck as a gift, and as a little friend to the 2yr old goat I purchased.

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We raise them as well, we have snowy, white and grey. We are getting pair of Butterscotch from a friend when they hatch!!
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I never held a duck before today. I love this little cutie and her cute little quacks and calls, lol. Funny, it likes being held laying on her back in my hands, and I didn't know that ducks have little claws, so I have some scratches today from her. I want to get more ducks now.. Been planning on getting some and wanting some, but always procrastinating, but now that I have her, well, I definitely want some more once I build permanent housing for them... soooo adorable. The woman I got her from said late this month or early next she's gonna email me to see if I want to hatch some eggs.

This woman loves her birds.. she had Muscovies, other ducks, call ducks, many kinds of chickens, Guinea fowl, turkey, peacock.

I thought ducks, chickens, etc had to be housed separate, but she had several coops, pens, runs etc and chickens mixed with ducks, etc.. even a goat living with chickens, lol.. the goat I bought today.. cleaning dried hard chicken poop off her isn't easy.

All I know is, my ducks will be separate from my chickens.. I am keeping this duck away from my chickens cause I don't think it's a good idea cause the duck could be carrying something from the other chickens and give it to my chickens.
Wow, isn't she cute! What color is she? maybe choc white bibbed? You do realize Call ducks are the most addictive breed of duck LOL ( at least I think so)
A big congratulations to you! I'm a new call duck owner, too (I got a butterscotch pair not long ago), and they're such sweet, adorable little ducks! Your new girl is such a cutie.

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