Got my first egg!!


11 Years
Sep 11, 2008
Gray Court, SC
Got my first egg this morning! Found it in the back corner of the coop and not in the nesting boxes so they still not sure what the nest boxes are for. Guess I will have to work with them to lay in the nest boxes.


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Feb 10, 2009
A first egg is always very exciting. I remember when I got my first chickens years ago, (about 8 now), and when I found that first egg I called my husband at work! Silly, I know. I experienced that same excitement with my first goose egg this past month. Now, I'm waiting for the Ameraucanas to lay their first colored egg & my first large eggs from my Buff Brahmas (all my chickens until now were bantams).
It's a fun feeling! Congratulations!


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Jun 12, 2008
white springs, fl
My girls have been alying for almost a month, maybe a little longer...senior moment...I still get a kick out of finding the eggs...everyone but one EE has figured out the nest box thing and they all want to lay in two particular nests...if they are not sitting on top of each other, they are doing the take a number and get in line is hilarious...I get brown, white, light green, olive, and one Cuckoo lays a dark dark brown stuff, and tasty too...

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Feb 17, 2009
Ethel, Washington
My Coop
My Coop
Well I am new here and a little slow getting started. My wife decided she wanted chickens so we didn't have to rely on the neighbors hens that are supplying 4 familys. Long story short we bought 14 chicks 3BSL, 3GSL, 6RIR and I just had to have 2 Easter eggers. But the wife wanted eggs sooner than August. So I made a little late night trip to the neighbors coop and wrangled 2BR, and 1GSL hens ( they don't hang chicken wranglers do they?)
Sunday 3/15 wife got two eggs and again today 3/17 2 more out of 3 hens. We have had the Ladies almost 2 weeks and I was starting to think that stolen chickens don't lay or we have an egg thief in the hood. One thing I can't stand is a thief !!!
Wife is so excited about this. She is a stroke victom and little things mean so much to her.
BTW I didn't really steal the chickens the neighbor gave them to us but that isn't as fun.

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