Got my first eggs...but I have questions


Feb 23, 2017
Eastern Shore, Maryland
Got two eggs today!! However, I am supposed to be gone for two days this weekend so now I have a zillion questions about whether to have someone come collect my eggs? Can eggs stay out in the heat for a day or do they go bad? Can they stay in the coop in general for a day or two(ive heard about these chickens that eat the eggs)?
How warm is it going to be? If not too hot the eggs should be fine- many people do not refrigerate eggs. Higher temps though if you have fertile eggs and development could start. I personally would have someone collect them for you daily (so they can also check on your hens) if you have someone available.
Also congrats on your new eggs!:woot
It's always best to have someone responsible at least check on the birds once daily when you are gone. I have a nice neighbor check on them and she gets any eggs that turn up. I also have other critters, and friends who share in having livestock, so we are all happy to check up on each other's animals during trips away.
Things can happen, and a once of twice a day visit will pay off.
It may be possible to hire a pet sitter, ask at your veterinarian's.
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If it's just for a few days the eggs should be fine at that temp. :)
But if it's at all possible, I really would try to get somebody to pop in and check on them once a day. Just in case anything goes wrong.

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