Got my first eggs shipped to me!


10 Years
Jun 11, 2009
I got a call saying my package was at the post office:D

I went to go pick them up and I said I'm here to pick up my eggs! Like super happy.

The post office lady said your here for eggs? Where do you live? Give me some streets I told her the streets I live by and she said oh yeah Jan....I'll go get your eggs...

She went back and said I can't find your eggs back there........ let me look in the refrigerator.

I was stunned and upset but did not say anything.......

She came back and said well their not here in the refrigerator. Jan must of not left any for you........

I'm was guessing Jan was the name of my mail carrier.

I was trying to be cool and said.......

I got a call my package was here this morning with hatching eggs in it.

She was like OH!

I'm sorry we have a lady who sells eggs that works here and sometimes people come to pick them up she brought my package and told me over and over that had not put my hatching eggs in the refrigerator.

Thank goodness!

I've heard Serama eggs are hard to hatch so I hope their not scrambled on the inside this will be my first time with hatching eggs!

Well almost

Wonders off the tell story.......

{a long time ago the people next door got 25 bantys that did not like their dogs and moved in with us, (they where terriable pet owners!)

Any way I found the broody hens nest and took away her eggs as I did not want any more! I left them in a old fish bowl in the sun and went about my chores forgetting about the eggs, the next day I come home and there the poor baby is, she had tipped over the fish bowl and was sitting in the hot baking sun on her eggs!

I feel terriable and let her keep three taking her and the eggs back to her nest she hatched them out all fine and they where all a diffrent color, black, blue, and a white.}

Ok back from memory lane....

I have them safe and sound under my two broody hens

Antwerp Belgian hen and OEG hen in the back.

She was little upset at me for taking away her very large plastic eggs

Both are very tiny hens do I let them keep the chicks if they look like good mothers or take them away from them?

I can't picture the Serama's being smaller as my hens are the size of pigeons they say the eggs are from A and B stock .

I just adrore my to tiny hens they are so cute!

The white pigeion is much smaller then a normal gray pigeon with my OEG hen in the back.
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