Got my first meat birds processed

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    Apr 6, 2017
    As I mentioned previously in another thread, I waited an extra couple of weeks for my Cornish to put a little more weight on. I believe that I purchased the chicks to early, and it took a bit longer for them to put some weight on. However, I think that it was really a combination of that, and having an untrustworthy scale. Anywhoo, I had my first 4 hens processed for me. I won't be doing that again, but for my first go around I wanted things to go as smoothly as possible. It added $3 plus a few hours and round trip gas to the place that did it to the value of each bird. I'll just get used to doing it myself from now on. if my grandma could do it, by golly so can I lol.

    anyway, I'm attaching some pics of the hens. They are huge! the smallest is 5 1/4 pounds dressed out. the others are much more, but my scale doesn't go that high (apparently), so I'm not sure yet of their final weight.

    Again, I appreciate this forum and site very much for ideas and processes, etc. thanks again.[​IMG]


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