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    Ok I got my hovabator 2362N with fan and egg turner....I got 42 eggs in 36 RIR from my flock and 6 gamebirds of my dh..... got the temp at 98.8 and 44% humidity...have the hydrometer in there.....a little water and took the plugs out so I would not have high you thing I will have a hatch??
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    I am shure many people will have lots of advice , I think 44% humidity is fine and if I were you Id wait and see if the temp stays like that or goes up a tad after every thing settles , you want to shoot for 95.5 but after you put the eggs in it can take a bit to get back to perfect temp.
    Good luck.

    SO sO so sorry not 95.5 I was half asleep im so sorry its 99.5
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    Quote:You actually want 99.5 temp is a bit low, but it won't hurt them. It will slow down developement slightly though... I guess you figured out the controls for it gapeachy??

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