Got my shipment from Ideal today.........

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    Mar 6, 2009
    Was happy with the whole process. Chicks arrived within 2 days. Unfortunately one of the turkeys died within an hour of getting them home. He was bad off when I picked them up, panting and just laying on his side. Couldn't get him revived. Another of the chicks seems on it's way out also, but the remaining are active and healthy as of this minute.

    Did not get any extras thrown in, so nothing to cover the loss. I emailed Ideal, haven't had a chance to call them yet I will do it in a few minutes. I was kind of waiting to see if the 2nd chick passes or not.

    I will update this if more chicks pass on, but so far so good. [​IMG]

    They're so darned cute, and so much smaller than my full-grown females.....I almost forgot how special baby chicks were! Soooooo precious!!!!


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    Feb 10, 2008
    Quote:Awe it sure is special feeling having baby chicks around. I have ordered twice from Ideal Hatchery. Both times I've had great experiences with them. Sorry to hear that you lost one. Hopefully Ideal will refund you the cost of it.
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    I'm sorry about your loss. Call Ideal tomorrow and they should credit you for the loss. I've had great sucess with them. I've ordered 4 times: 9 chicks the first order, 9 the 2nd, 12 the 3rd, and 18 the last order and I've only lost 1.


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