Got new silkies + getting a new coop!!

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    Mar 20, 2012
    Today I finally got a trio of silkies. all are about a year old, two are hens and one is a rooster.


    This is a buff hen, already named Peaches :)

    This is no name (any suggestions for name are welcome!). she already found the food!! LOL


    and this.. this is koda.. the white one fighting the red one. he is tough. this little tiny bantam went around and picked fights with everybody (errrggggg). this huge rooster we have, he dominated him. The silkie, dominated the big huge roo. [​IMG] But, I had to stop all this fighting when there was blood. actually, i didnt know there was blood. I kept trying to make him stop. and he would just off and run over to the next chicken. finally when i kicked BJ out of the way i noticed some blood. and i checked it out, and he had him eye all bloodied up (its okay now, completely healed). but i had to stick him in a little cage to make him stay out of trouble for the night. *sigh*


    and my fluffy butts!!! :D
  2. Fluffy butts! Haha. I'm getting two fluffy butts soon x) They are gonna be 1 day old babies. A buff and a white.

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