*Got our new quails!* Is it quail-ready? How many?

Discussion in 'Quail' started by macmama, Aug 19, 2010.

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    Apr 9, 2010
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    We got 15 A&M this morning! The poor things are bare-backed because the 22 females were kept in a large pen with 13 males. [​IMG] Anyway, they settled in great-- and despite the "quail won't lay when they experience change" warning I'd heard, we have 4 eggs already!


    Well I put up garden fencing in all of the open spaces of my former chicken coop. I raked it all out-- no bleach-- but it did get 2 weeks of intense AZ sun before it got fenced in. I spread old grass clippings along the bottom-- and lined the insides with bricks just in case they tried to dig out. There are going to be two egg-collection/feeding/watering entrances-- on the far right side through the window, and on the backside through a 4'X4' flap opening. We don't have any predators here, except the occasional kitty, but even with baby chicks we never had one come into our yard because of our dogs. Let's see... I have flock raiser, oyster shell, and wild bird seed left over from our chickens... am I all set? Forgetting something? Oh, I'm getting Texas A&M adult female quail-- she has 17 females available. How many will comfortably fit in this pen? (appx 9'X3')

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    I think all 17 would fit in there just fine! Good Luck!!!

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