Got parasites? Working on dosing tables

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  1. Lately I have been doing some very exhaustive research on parasites that affect backyard chickens. As many of you know this can sometimes be an educated guessing game due to the limited official chicken approved products to eradicate these creatures that are the bane of our hobby and the good health of our fowl friends. For now the consolidated information is on my BYC page, as it is a work in progress. Please if you find a mistake that you feel I may have made, send me a friendly note and I will pour over the research for that particular section. If it works out that I feel it is not incorrect then I will write you back with the specific source of my research...we can then discuss if real world results differ greatly. Please also feel free to suggest the next product you think will benefit BYC and any information you have so far. I will research and get it posted ASAP.
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    Nice idea.

    Maybe after you get all the feed back you could post it right here on this thread [​IMG]

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