Got Rid of my Roo!

so lucky

9 Years
Jan 31, 2011
SE Missouri
Someone finally responded to my Craigslist ad for a free rooster! Buck went to a nice family in the country! No, REALLY!! It's the truth! I am relieved he is not going to a stew pot. He will be able to free range all the time, and have his girlfriends. And my girls are relieved, too.
I don't want to rain on your parade, but how do you REALLY know he's not going in a pot?
I've seen many ads on CL stating that the animal they're selling/giving away is NOT FOR MEAT/PET ONLY. I also know people that could sell ice to an eskimo & make you believe whatever it is you want to hear. Not trying to upset you, but what convinced you they were sincere?


Once he is out of your hands, there is NOTHING you can do after he goes to their new home unless you have a written contract that he should never been eaten and live out his days.
And even then, contract or not, what do you do, check their flock every day to make sure it's still there?
I have never posted an ad (not to say that the OP did) with anything stating what or what not is to be done with the animal once it leaves my property. Whether it's something given away or sold, the person that receives it OWNS it & can do what they wish with it. It's just something I have resigned myself to accepting. I don't need to know & sometimes probably dont want to. I love my animals, take good care of them & hope that others would do the same. But, facts are that some people buy the animals for eating. I understand this & I'm good with it. I will, eventually, eat some of my own chickens & possibly goats. Part of self-sustainability that I'm working toward.
Sorry if I've upset the OP--not my intention at all.
No problem, tigerlilly. I realize that who ever takes the chicken can do what they want with it. I feel pretty confident about this family tho; the guy had his two kids with him, and they talked about their chickens and ducks. The kids were excited about being able to hatch some chicks. If ole Buck turns out to be too much of a problem, tho, I guess he could still wind up with dumplings.
That is a very realistic approach, you got lucky..out here there is a road actually named cat heaven..I wonder every time I drive by. At least you can tell they mean to give him a go
yeah, if my big roo bites me one more time, I won't have a problem eating him in a couple o months ha ha just joking, he didn't bite that hard, he was mad cause I made him go into his box, but I remember taking in a rooster and the guy begging me not to eat him, and I thought, oh just great, (the kids hated him and didn't care if I did or not- I can just imagine why) so I aggreed, but when he turned out incorrigable, he went to live in the swamps with the alligators...good luck mister nasty roo, good luck sincerely. Actually, let me clarify, he went to live on a farm, next to a swamp with alligators

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