Got room for some South Carolinians?!


6 Years
Apr 29, 2013
South Carolina
Hey y'all! We are a family born and raised in the south, and we are so thankful to call the upstate of South Carolina our home...which we share with an 11 month old baby girl, 2 sweet yorkies, one clever barn cat and now, 7 baby chicks!

We've got 3 barred rock and 4 gold sex links in my sunroom as I type. We got them a couple of weeks ago but things have been a bit hectic so I hadn't had the time for introductions quite yet...but I've definitely been on the forums everyday gleaning as much information as I could.

The chicks, or cheepies as I like to call them, are growing bigger by the minute. Right now we are trying to get the fence up for their run, adjacent to their brand new coop (converted from a rabbit hutch, I will post pictures on my profile if I can), and hopefully will be able to move them out in a few weeks.

We take them out every couple of days to our garden where they love to run around and get dirty.

So far everything has been wonderful and we are blessed to have healthy cheepies!

Looking forward to all of the wisdom I know I'll find on this site and through y'all.
Hey, we have room for anyone anywhere interested in raising poultry/birds.
Welcome to BYC!

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