Got so tired of going under the coop to get eggs! I We figure maybe new nesting boxes will do the tr


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Apr 25, 2013
My Coop
My Coop
Our Girls have several nesting boxes built within the coop -but one started laying under the Coop -and it was Chicken See -Chicken Do!
So, I fig'd maybe this will work! LOL

Those are cute drawer nests......fake eggs? .....but....they often like a more enclosed space, especially over their heads. Probably why they were under the coop.
So if the drawers don't work, think about making something more cave like and cozy.
Thanks for the reply aart -the eggs are real. The Girls already have nesting boxes attached to the Coop -with nestbox curtains for privacy(click on my signature/link below) Laying eggs in them has not been an issue -other than the occasional squabble over the "popular" nest boxes. However, one day one of the girls laid and egg under the Coop -and it turned into chicken see-chicken do! LOL!!!! I suppose We could block the area off under the Coop -but it isn't that serious.

The drawer nest boxes were intended to be a whimsical addition to our Coop set-up . . ..
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