Got the chicken thing down... now geese?

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Ok... I couldn't resist. There was 1 African Goose left in at the feed store. So I took it home. It is currently in the brooder with chicks. I am new to this.... what is different from them, and chickens, how long do they need a heat light? It is currently screaming its head off, is it lonely? I need to wait until next Thurs. for a female African. Please help!
Gi, pick up that gosling and snuggle him! Fer goodness sake!

I'll be asking the same thing in a few weeks, when I get a couple of Toulouse goslings, but I think mine will already be outside.... unless I wig out and get 'em from my favorite feed store. There were some there, and they were SO cute when they all came over, stood up and pointed their bills to the sky to gabble at me in chorus.

And I'll be picking YOUR brain at that time, too, as a real live person I know with a gosling! Hehehehehehehehhehe!
Well, I'm 12 days into my first ever goslings, but I've had lots of ducks.

One thing is that waterfowl are much messier than chickens. Chickens have relatively dry droppings, waterfowl have very wet droppings, plus they slop food and water everywhere. So, they take a lot more work to keep them clean.
Keep an eye on him as he will grow at a much faster rate than the chicks and he could possibly crush them. This happened when my neighbor brooded her ducklings with her chicks. My oldest goslings are 5 weeks old today and they are as large as or larger than all my adult chickens with the possible exception of my huge light brahma roo. They should only need heat for a couple of weeks unless they are brooded in a cold, drafty area. Cottage Rose has lots of info about raising geese on her website, check it out. Best of luck with your little one, goslings are so much fun!
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To the OP....Nice! I pick mine up saturday!!
My 6 Emden were born May 9th. they are now the size of 2 liter pop bottles with feet! they are growing like weeds ( the ones their eating lol). I have high hopes they will be good watch geese. maybe they can wake up my dog ( I doubt it)
Awww another softy just like me! That is exactly how I got my African, he was the only goose left so I picked him up and a duck to keep him company that was about 4 weeks ago now.

They are VERY messy so they got their own tub away from my chicks. He loves company and to be snuggled / pet , any type of attention. He did and still does his little scream when I leave the area and he isn't done with me yet. I split the heat lamp between the buckets so that both chicks and the "gucks" could go to the ends of the buckets with the heat if they were cold. Eventually when he started to get his down I backed them away from the heater a bit more as they were always in the cool side of the bucket anyways.

Mr. Wiggles (my goose) basically doubled in size every week if not more, and they just spent their first night outside last night. Jane has most if not all her feathers and Mr. Wiggles is not far behind and LOVE outdoor tub time.

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