Got the coop together....sort of....


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Jan 17, 2009
Well...I got one of the 3 horse stalls converted to a coop for now. This was the ugly stall with the worst sidewalls....but it was in the center where it would get the most light for the hens.

This stall used to be dark brown. (just like the one to the left and right that are so dark they don't show up in the bottom picture) We had some extra white paint around that helped to brighten it up...but it sure shows all the ugly cracks between the boards. I would like to revamp the inside sometime when I have more time and cash. Maybe this summer or fall.

We finished enough to get the chicks out of the brooder box and into the barn. (just as the weather turned cold again too - darn)

Anyway....we'll do the outside of the front face later since we are still cleaning up from the big ice storm here in Ky.

Here's some pics of my babies....(sigh)....they grow up so fast!


What is this new place ?!?!?!

21342_img_1727.jpg the wagons !!!

21342_img_1721.jpg least the inside is done !!!

We plan on doing a fake barn front on the'll be really cute to open the sliding barn door and see a small barn inside.

Whadda' you think of the name Casa da' Cuckoo ???

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