Got the runs in Omaha


6 Years
Apr 27, 2013
Hi All,

My name is J. and I am a farm manager for an urban organic farm and I began keeping an 8 flock (in city limits) at work and they live in a palatial run with coop that is quite large and nice as well as being bought by "the board". I am new to keeping poultry but have extensive experience with pets/reptiles. I am also underway converting an 8x10 greenhouse into a run with adjoining 'Purina' DIY coop for my home. Today was a beautiful day and I got my frame and foundation cleaned, new screws, new bolts, re-anchored frame to foundation and foundation to ground (3 words,...Spring Super Cells) The frame will be "paneled" with .5" hardware cloth and most likely corrugated plastic roof and the coop will sit outside the frame facing inward. The coop will sit behind a cluster of lilacs, privacy fence and lattice. I do however have 1 problem; I have a neighbor (yes, THAT neighbor) who likely will see an opportunity to nuisance me......any advice would be most welcome. I have 8x 90% fledged chicks for the work coop and license cleared, full steam ahead; I for personal, on the other hand am working on coop and have yet to do any license work. I am confident that Omaha allows chickens normally but I have some slight concern that if inspector comes out she could be a loud problem. I have not spoken to her in any regard but all other neighbors are excited.

So there's my situation; new to chickens and dual cooping...wish me luck!

P.S., At work I have a Red, a Leghorn, a Minorca, a Russian Orlof, a Light Brahmin, a Dark Brahmin, a Wellsumer, ......and this little penguin looking chicy, I forget what she is......all ladies, no gents!
There's a squeaky wheel in every neighborhood - and usually a lot more than one. Would giving her eggs now and then silence her?

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