gotta problem with a 'coon I think???*UPDATE*

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  1. ok, so last night trying to sleep I hear lots of banging on my deck. turned lights on to see my bird feeder swinging, and here is a small raccoon (must be a newly kicked out baby) swinging from his front legs 15 feet above the ground looking at me all innocently like "i didnt do it". I yelled at him, he dropped and waddles off. Not an issue as LONG AS he stays away from my coop. Was a cutie.

    hour later? BANG.... down goes the bird feeder 15 feet with said 'coon on it to the ground. bout had to pull me off the ceiling of the bedroom scared me half to death!!!!! little craphead was back and I think learned a good lesson.

    get up to a woodpecker hammering on my gutters... RRGGGGGGG [​IMG] go out to let my girls and 'Bird' out. the one pen has been broken into (chicken wire) not really BROKEN into, but gotten into the same., my garden gate was open and 'broken into'. By mistake i left my 5 eggs on the ground last night and forgot to bring them in when i was locking up the coop last night. Needless to say THEY were all broken and licked clean. (shells were there, eggs busted in half almost perfect!). I am assuming SAID "COON was down at my coop. NOT a good thing.

    he got eggs free from me. bad me. i am assuming he will be back for more. My coop is very well animal proof. I am not really bothered thinking he will get inside. he will have to climb up 6 feet of siding and break through a screen , (hmmm that can happen, maybe i will remove the window screen and some how use chicken wire in place of it)or try and break through a storm door with a window in the bottom half.

    Do I shoot to kill, or let him alone until it gets worse? or maybe he learned from the birdfeeder fall?( i dont want to see what would be worse)

    Your experience with 'coons. Its my first time to have one come around. I left mr. skunk alone, just warned mutiple times with a .22 and a big mouth and he's gone in a few days.
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    That is a tough one. I had a momma and a bunch of baby racoons in my barn the first year we had our farm and though they ate the cat food and once even broke in to the coop and pulled broodies off their nests to get their eggs, they never hurt the chickens. Until this spring. I had a couple of hens that refused to go in the coop at night and now I don't have them anymore. No more raccoons either. [​IMG]
  3. hmmmmm ... my coop is secure, and the coons are nocturnal, maybe I can wait this one out. The opposum i had to 'remove' was out at dusk before the girls were in.

    My girls and Bird are in always at dusk. I make sure of that every night. Lockdown is a MUST. [​IMG]
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    I would get rid of him,they get to be bad,and when there is one there is more.Yes replace the screen with hardware wire,u can just put it over the screen.Good luck
  5. yup. think i am gonna have to do just that. Especially reading here that they can get through the chicken wire. I am sorry, but I am going to do a stake out.

    what about those red laser lights they are selling to 'predator proof"??? anyone used those?
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    Just went through it - they know there is food there now - you must get rid of it or you are going to have some issues on your hands :-(
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    Quote:X2 he is not going to leave, you're a easy food source. Reinforce the wire with real wire, trap him and dispose of him cause he will be back with his litter mates and maybe even a few cousins
  8. Yup, you were all correct. Friday night or Sat. morning what ever you want to call it, 3:30 AM like clockwork. sucker must have heard me get the gun and get outta bed. He took off before i got the door open.

    Did I get him?????

    Lets just say, 180ft. away, on the run as fast as he could, husband put the spot light on him, and all it took was one shot from my 12g.
    I felt guilty, but my hens are safe, and it was quick.

    Just finished putting new hardwire cloth on my storm door to the coop.

    Bird is now following me around with a piece of cantelope in his mouth, juice dripping on my foot looking at me with that sideways look (you know the look they give us?).

    I am a lucky woman to have a flock of 12 that loves me. [​IMG]
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    You guys are really lucky to be able to have firearms and use them. Sigh...
  10. yup. and I would live no other place! [​IMG] Country girl at heart and soul.

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