grabbed keets without using my head.


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Oct 24, 2011
South Central South Dakota
So I've been finding nests of 40-95 eggs around the place. I've been wanting to gather them to throw in the incubator, but was never sure how old the eggs really were. Went outside to milk the cow, and came across a guinea hen who wouldn't budge, I moved here with a rope I had, and keets scattered everywhere. Now since I've heard Guinea hens aren't the greatest mothers, and the weather was supposed to get very damp, I dropped the rope and started grabbing keets. I got 7 of them in my shirt, when, KABLAAM, I was smacked in the face by one very upset momma. This ornery mamma went for my face every time.
It took me 4 attempts to grab all the little buggers, One really needs a fencing mask to do this safely. I had 13 keets when all was said and done. We lost 5 for some reason, I'm guessing from stress, but not sure, might of also been the heat lamp, and not enough room to self regulate (live and learn). Had 7 guinea eggs in the incubator and today they all hatched. Without being specific on color, I have 6 white ones, and one pied, I was a little surprised because I don't have that many white hens, but I do however have some white roosters. These 7 eggs were from one days collection by the way.
I used a dry incubation method with 25% humidity, bumped up to 65-70% the last 3 days. All but 1 egg hatched on day 25, which is one day early from what I understand. My last batch of chicken eggs hatched a day early as well, using the same humidity percentages. I have read all the stories about never opening the incubator during "lock down" but since my incubator isn't quite finished, I have to in order to turn my other eggs. I have yet to have a problem, I just try not to open the door when I have chicks that are still wet. 31 more Guinea eggs are in the incubator, with 50 chicken eggs. Crossing my fingers on the next batch.


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Mar 28, 2011
LOL, sorry to laugh but I have been there done that very same thing... fighting off Tasmania Guinea Devil Hens in a whirlwind of trying to quickly gather up scattered scared to death keets and simultaneously dodging blows from a viscious Hen... it helps A LOT if you have a 2nd person to either hold off the Hen or grab the keets. Glad to read you ended up with some healthy keets from that fisaco. It's possible the ones that didn't make it didn't eat or drink enough right away and died for that reason, compounded by the stress of being separated from the Momma Hen.

Good luck with the rest of your hatching, post some pics when you can!


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Apr 19, 2012
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With the sad exception of losing some keets, that actually sounded like sorta fun. When I got my adult guineas, I had no idea how to catch them. We were in a pen of 20 guineas. Feathers went everywhere and wings were flapping like propellers. Screams abounded, but the guineas were quiet :). My hair looked like it had been sucked into some sci-fi vortex of electric energy had to be there. That what your ordeal sounds like. Sorry about the ones you lost, though. That's not funny at all.

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