Gracie Is Setting??


10 Years
Jun 10, 2009
My Welsh Harlequin, Gracie has been showing all the signs of being broody. Yesterday she came off the nest, I think she may have been cussing me in duck language! Gracie has been off and on the nest, she would always go in the house at night though. But, Last night when I went to shut them up for the night Gracie didn't budge from the nest box. Here is the strange part, well it may not be strange, this is my first time having ducks setting. Hannah, Gracies sister was sitting in there with her. Hannah glared at me with a look that said, Back off. Could they both be wanting to set? Or do you think Hannah is just in there because Gracie is? The nest box is outside there sleeping house, although they are both enclosed with a fence and the top is fenced, I don't have a door to lock on the nest box. Can't wait for daylight to go check on them. One more thing, the nest box is filled with pine shavings, is this okay for ducklings..?? Just in case.

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