Gradual lameness in Hen

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In the Brooder
12 Years
Dec 19, 2007
I need advice on my 14 month-old Barred Rock. Ever since I got her last July, she has been very small and uncoordinated (wobbly). A few weeks ago she gradually became more unsteady, seeming drunk and off balance. I was gone for a week, and now she can not walk and moves with the aid of her wings. Her appetite is good, and she is still laying (poor thing!). There is no nasal discharge or sneezing.

She didn’t start laying until mid-November. Her eggs are small and white with very pale yellow yolks, usually six per week. My other two chickens lay large eggs with very dark yolks. All eat Layena, supplemented with wheat grass, pastured a few hours in good weather, and a few kitchen scraps.

Any ideas on what could be wrong and whether there is a cure? Since her yolks are so pale, I’m wondering whether she isn’t processing certain vitamins????

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