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Nov 23, 2009
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So, it's that time of year again... I was curious as to what everyone's neck of the woods does for graduation?

At our school there's a Kinder graduation... that was last year for DD and six years past for DS...
They have these shortie white gowns and make cardboard and paper caps... SOOO cute.
Bit much fuss for kindergarden, but there you go.

Now sixth grade... OH MY GAWD... I swear I thought this day would NEVER end.

Bell rang at 8:20
At 8:30 a couple hundred parents and grands were sitting and standing around waiting for things to start... oops, we didn't set up enough chairs so they delayed 10 minutes finding as many as they could... still left at least 50 people standing...

Finally get that ball rolling... and rolling... and rolling... MY WORD even the flipping Rotary Club presented a blinking award.
And every presenter had to go on an on about it... including a ramble about The Hugging Judge...

Finally finished a bit after 11... two and a half hours... I don't think my HS grad was that long...

Then we hike over to the church behind the school for punch and cake... we set all that up last night since the 5th grade moms couldn't be bothered... tradition is 5th does it for 6th so 6th moms can actually be there for their kids... ANYWHO... there about 40 mins or so... hand out T-shirts.

Then they hike to the park for burgers and playground time... they changed clothes at some point but I was running the champagne nee lemonade fountain back to my hubby's work... that lasted until 1:20...

Then hike back to the school (school, two churches, rec and park make up the block) and take a Last Walk in the halls.
At 140 they were 'Clapped Out' of the building by all the other grades, parents and staff...

Then back to the park... and the pool... swimming, with a DJ (mostly rap so I ran home for a towel and got the ipod), drinks, snacks.... until 4pm.

FINALLY home... gosh I am whipped.

So... how was YOUR graduation?


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Aug 25, 2008
That's one tradition that's gone a bit over the top IMO. I graduated for the first time in high school, that was more than enough torture for me. Avoid it like the plague now.


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Feb 3, 2009
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We don't drive on the collesium road the week of graduation. Our school has like 2 five hour practices and the graduation only lasts an hour. You can't clap for your kid, you can't stand up, you can't have a flash camera, you can't wear jewlery if you're a grad and you can't wear your cords that you've earned. It's so stupid. Then you listen to the people mispronounce simple names such as Mamie (ma'am E) Justine as justin, Celeste as Chelsee. It's horrible. No ones likes it, we just do it to get over with the school no one can stand.

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