Granny's gone and done it again

The WinterWolf

Apr 12, 2021
Right Here
"Only" $300? You can buy 10 gallons of gasoline for that! (CA prices) :D
he's not wrong.
target shooting. He wont kill an animal. He still needs a slingshot glove and an arm guard. Probably have to be ordered. I wish there was somewhere close he could get lessons . That would make a nice gift.
hey! archery! he'll enjoy it! i enjoyed throwing water bottles in the air and shooting those.
well peeps, I am way over tired.
Wishing, sure was good to talk.
Pert, behave yourself. lol
sweet dreams all
:frow*supposed to be a bye*


Always Grateful
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11 Years
Apr 11, 2010
Yikes! Thats terrible. I think its $3.20 here but cant remember.
When can we get a new President? Do you know if Trump will run again?
I personally don't think it's a Presidents fault. Things would be going up like this with any guy in. The pandemic is causing havoc.

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