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Sep 26, 2013
madison Indiana
Hi peeps, I have been asked to start a new /continued thread here because Grannys got a big mouth and may be responsible for some glitches on BYC .

I have been a member on here for about 3 yrs. and have posted mainly in my own thread. The old thread will not be closed but I do ask my family and any new friends to please post here.

We are a family based thread meaning that the people that post here become very close to each other. We strive to treat each other with respect and kindness. We are for the most part a mature themed group. Lots of cutting up and a little bit about chickens. Hopefully you will find homemade crafts, Gardening tips, home life, a few recipes (not mine , your welcome) Yaks galore, A whole hog-pog of chickens from mutts to high brows. and maybe a goat or two.

To my family, I am sorry I am dragging you around and all our pictures, memory's are stored somewhere else. Hopefully , together , we can begin anew like we were never interrupted.

To any that wish to jump in Welcome to Grannys.

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