grass length and impacted crop??


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Apr 23, 2020
Hi everyone, chicken newbie but I'm sure you know that from my many posts 🐔. We would like to start bringing out our will-be 5 week old chicks to their run for outside time next week. I am reading mixed things about them eating long grass and the possibility of impacted crop. The grass in the run is pretty long since it hasn't been cut and they haven't been out, it is easily as tall / taller than a 5 week old chick. Is this length of grass dangerous for them to be eating? Should I snip it shorter since they are so small still? They will have chick grit once they start going out. Any advice is appreciated, thanks.
I don't worry about it when I put my chicks out on grass. At 5 weeks, they aren't strong enough to really rip the blades of grass, although they do enjoy picking at it. I prefer to put them in an area that has been mown recently because the chicks are small at that age and they seem to get buried in a sea of grass!

I also offer chick grit the moment I introduce anything other than chick starter feed.

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