Mar 13, 2013

I cannot express my frustration enough here! I built my hens a new winter hardy coop, we live in colorado, because during this last snow disaster(we had over six feet in the worst of it), I had hen-scicles. The blizzard blew their roof off an I ended up having crated chickens next to the fireplace for 3 days till I could get back out their their coop.

Anyways, because of this, I've had to keep them locked up, and during this time the grasshoppers have DESTROYED my garden!!:hit. Any ideas how to deter them from entering my greenhouse? The chickens will be in lockup till this weekend for bad behavior... after a week and a half they still wanted to roost outside the coop. I might not have anything left by then!!

I'll get pics of it all when I get home from work today. I cant find the pics in my phone gallery. Theres too many. Lol

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