Gravity Fed Nipple Water System Questions

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by Carols Clucks, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. Carols Clucks

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    Oct 13, 2010
    I am working on adding a gravity fed chicken nipple watering system to our coop and wanted to ask a couple of questions

    Does the height of the "tank" effect if the nipples leak or drip? (I would like to put on the easy water access side of the coop, but that is on the high side of the retaining wall)

    If I split the water to have a set of nipples in the coop, only lower by a few feet, and have a second set of nipples in the run, 3 feet lower than the coop nipples, will I have any leak or dripping issues?

    I don't want to soak either my coop or run, but want to feed both sections from the same 5g bucket tank.

  2. chfite

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    Jun 7, 2011
    Taylors, SC
    I don't provide water in the coop. I have seen no indication that chickens need water at night.

    The nipples will leak if the water pressure is too high. I don't know what that number is, but I have leaking when I fill the 5 gallon supply bucket too much.

    The supply bucket is mounted with the bottom even with the tube carrying the nipples. More than 2 gallons seems to make the nipples leak. The leaking water falls to the ground, so there is no mess; and I don't fret about the leaks.

    It appears that a wide bucket would provide water for a longer time than a tall bucket, since the water pressure would balance with more water volume available.

  3. Carols Clucks

    Carols Clucks Songster

    Oct 13, 2010
    Thanks Chfite! That is the kind of info I wanted to know. Would hate to rot out my coop with a leaking dripper!

    Wonder if there are drippers that are less likely to leak than others.

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