Great deal.. had to share :) and a question....

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    So, Hubs TOLD me to get an incubator [​IMG] [​IMG] I bout fainted!

    Did some online searching, here and on the web, and found a great deal on this one... figured I'd share! [​IMG] I have no association with this place.. just wanted to pass along one heckuva deal to fellow BYCers!! [​IMG]

    Genesis Hova-Bator #1588 $34.99

    I ordered this, as well as an auto turner, anything else I'd need to have a complete incubation set up? I've already got brooders and that equipment.

    Don't plan on hatching anything anytime soon, but I figured I'd jump on it while the gettin was good [​IMG]
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    That IS a good deal! Nice find! I might also recommend a Brinsea Spot-Check incubator thermometer. Even though your unit will come pre-set, it might be nice to confirm the temp within your own room conditions with a super accurate thermometer. I found mine online cheaper than from the manufacturer. You can get them on, but with the shipping, the best I found was $28.99 from Double R Supply It reads very quickly and is simple to use! Good luck!!![​IMG]
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    Jul 6, 2010
    Homer, GA
    Thanks!!! [​IMG]

    Unfortunately, [​IMG] they're out of stock on the incubators [​IMG] so I'm hoping they'll backorder. If not, I guess I'll just hold off... dang, what a deal it was gonna be too [​IMG]
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