Great Idea for the First Egg

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    Wondering what to do with that first, precious egg (besides eating it, or letting it rot while you show it off to your friends)? Well here's what we did: BLOW THE EGG.

    How to blow an egg:

    Rinse the egg.

    Start by poking two holes in it, one smaller at the top, and one larger at the bottom. Use a regular sewing needle. Be careful not to crack the egg.

    Stick the needle into the bigger hole and swish it around, the goal is to break the yoke so that it is easier to blow out.

    Blow on the smaller hole. (Make sure that the insides will come out on a paper towel, or in a bowl, otherwise it could be a mess.) If possible, have a helpful volunteer swish the needle around inside the egg while you blow. This speeds up the process.

    Once you have most of the whites and yolk out, put a bit of water in it via the tap and the bigger hole. Blow it out again. Repeat until it is only water coming out.

    Ta dah! You're done! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Links to egg blowing:

    Hope this helps someone.

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    [​IMG] I used to do the egg thing as a child, then paint/decorate it and my mom would hand a bunch of the eggs in a big vase full of pussy willows. That was the easter decorations for the dining room table. Only thing was .....I was a big city kid and had no chickens....[​IMG]
    May have to do that with my first egg....if the girls will ever lay one [​IMG]
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    My chicken are 24 weeks old and I an still wating for my first egg... I wanted to do something cool with the first one, I am glad to here someone else thought so much of the first egg... I am also planing to blow the first egg....[​IMG][​IMG]

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