Great Pyrenees Problems


6 Years
May 14, 2013
Ok, so I have about 1/2 an acre fenced for my gaggle of geese and muscovy ducks. They where guarded by my Great Pyrenees, but recently I tried to add some chickens into the mix. She just loves to chase chickens, she will play with them to death. She never had a problem with my waterfowl, because I raised her with them as a puppy, but now shes 2 years old and pregnant (Due around Oct. 30th) so I don't know if she will "accept" the chickens. How do I train her to guard the chickens? She's on a zip line in the pen right now, so she can't chase them. I'm hoping that if she watches them for a while it will help, but I'm still worried.


In the Brooder
5 Years
Sep 20, 2014
n ga
my male is exactly opposite he loves the chickens but after seeing the geese trying to steal food from my baby chicks he wont allow the geese to get out of the pond anymore. maybe your female will get use to the chickens after awhile

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