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Happy Heather

May 25, 2020
Hi, I'm Heather, and I'm leading a group from our horse barn into the wonderful world of chickens. We've decided to do a co-op coop! The kids sponsor a chick, get to name it, help with looking after it, do clicker training with chickens and learn all the wonderful things there are about chickens. We have 22, 2 week old chicks. We hatched 6 in a borrowed incubator, and purchased 16 more. Our barn owner's husband is a general contractor, and has build a fabulous coop. We decided to get a barnyard mix, so that we had distinction between the chickens, and could tell them apart. The varieties are RIR, commercial layers, EE, Cochins, Chantecler, Americauna crosses. They have been so much fun! The children have been anxiously awaiting the chicks to be old enough to come to the barn. I have been doing video and picture updates throughout. They got to see the candling videos from days 7, 14 and 18, plus some eggs hatching. It's so neat to see the development come along so fast. They are now fluttering up onto baby perches and dust bathing in their dusting box. They love to race to my hand to eat some scrambled egg treat. From our hatch, we had one chick that needed help, and was born with crooked toes and splayed legs. With chick shoes (medical tape and 220 grit sand paper treads) and vet wrap leg wrap for two days, vitamins added to water, this chick was perfectly normal. Of the ones we bought, the lady heard about our rehab, and asked if I wanted a chick that had a slipped tendon, for free. We've been trying to help this one, but because it was 1.5 weeks old, it is harder to turn around. She has improved though. I'd love to hear about other people's rehab chicks.

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