Green chunky Poo..... What's wrong with them??!?


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I just recently got these 4 girls. I think its 1RIR & 3EE's the dark red one has had a leg issue sine i got them and the rest didn't look great and were skinny too. well they have been on quarantine in the empty brooder and i put wormer in the water tonight. then i saw this nasty-looking poo.. now i am worried!

The Poo: almost pellety(like goat poo).... it's greenish with small little things in it, i don't know how to describe them but maybe they could be larvae?? or worms?? It smells TERRIBLE!! i was trying to examine it better to figure out what the lighter colored specks were and was having a hard time not gagging it smells so bad!

if they're worms i dont know what kind and i really didnt expect the meds to works so fast... but they are just skin & bones, except the red one. Anyway, what is giong on, someone please help me figure this out!

See the light green things??



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absolutely nothing wrong...well within the normal range of excrement. Get used to smelly poo, you have chickens...get some DE and pine shavings for the smell. DE is Diatomaceous Earth...make sure it is food grade. Can be found at most feed stores. Use sparingly. Anything else will kill your birds. Some poop is firm and not smelly, some is somewhat loose like yours and smelly...and a lot of smelly stuff in between.....
. As far as skin and bone, they look like young birds that have not filled out yet. On a more serious note, what are you feeding them?? It almost looks like undigested corn to me from the pics(the green stuff).
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I almost agree with the previous post, but don't disagree either.

It looks like normal poop to me, maybe with some intestinal lining in it. Perfectly normal. But the baby lima bean looking lumps don't look like anything I've seen. Is that what you think is the worms?

I dont know what they were eating before but now they are just on what my ducks & cochins eat. It's basically a duck feed, just called all purpose poultry. I have only had these girls for 1 and a half days.

I know what DE is and have used it before for dusting and smells in the coop. but this is like a "dead" smell.. very bad, like worse than broody duck poo. And as for their body weight, i am used to the normal skinny teenage chick, thats what the Red one is like but the 3 orange EE's are really skin & bones. one of them is having a hard time balancing herself because theres just nothing too her and because of whatever is going on.

there is definitely something wrong with them, i just dont know what..
I haven't either. Can you take a sample into your vet and have them look at it? I can bring poo into mine and have fecal floats etc. done without having to pay for an exam, usually around $20.
I can call both of them in the morning and see if they can do it. my farm vet is closer but he works from home & his office is small. my other vet is a regular office so they should be able to.

I checked out the poo page and it looks like one of the pictures there has things in it like these guys poo does. here is the one i am talking about, with what it says about the pciture....


"The hen who produced this specimen was about 25 weeks old. She went off her food and ate so little she became underweight. She held her tail down and was tired. She may have had worms and/or egg peritonitis."
I just did a little searching and came up with zilch. Hopefully it is just underweight hens with some worms. Hopefully your worming them will help and you can spoil them with treats for a while.

Good luck

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