Green Eggs


Aug 14, 2019
Lodi, CA
Hi there! Our neighbors let their chickens free range - mostly into our place. I've been caring for a Rhode Island Red that I'm particularly fond of and once the rest of the flock got wind of the good food and regular care, they seem to be "visiting" more regularly. I do not have experience with chickens, so, I do like observing their behavior and getting to know them.

My Rhode Island Red's best gal pal is a black and white chicken which could be a Plymouth Rock chicken? Admittedly, that assessment is based solely on a limited Google search and less-than-scientific "does this chicken look like that one" photograph comparison. Both girls lay their eggs in my older horse's feeder. The Rhode Island Red lays brown eggs, but, when the black and white chicken showed up, I noticed a second green egg in the feeder, so, I can only assume it's her laying them.

I have never seen a green egg before, but, after looking over the forums here, it appears some chickens do lay them! Are they still safe to eat? Do they taste different than a brown or white egg?

I have attached a picture of the black and white chicken as well as the eggs I collected this morning. The brown egg is my Rhode Island Red. The lighter egg, I think is from a grey colored chicken that has dark points. Any input on why this chicken is laying green eggs? Are they still safe to eat?

Thanks, in advance!


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