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May 6, 2012
Has anybody else had problems from Greenfire Farms chicks? We have ordered several times from them and this last time they sent sick birds and infected our whole flock. We have invested a lot of time and money into our flock and have lost it. I have sent many emails and numerous phone calls.Jenny from Greenfire has avoided my emails and phone calls. I hope people are very careful when ordering from this company..


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May 6, 2012
well after making multiple posts, Jenny decided to get back to me, here is the email she sent, she wanted to offer chicks to replace our flock that we lost. our reply was we didn't want anymore birds from her. Our goal was to make it so she cant ship to California. Her reply was "sorry won't happen". Here is the email.


I tried calling you earlier today. I don't anticipate you returning my call.

It's really disheartening to see what you've been spreading around on the
internet. I've just returned to the office after a family emergency. My 15
month old son has been very ill and was in the hospital. Not that I presume
you care. You probably think we should have a 1-800 number with someone
available 'round the clock. I guess I can understand that. People pay a
lot of money for our birds. However, the reality is, we are a very small
farm. It's myself and two others. Mucking 70 pens, shipping 40 boxes of
chicks each week, vaccinating for hours, keeping breeding records, trying to
stay on top of our hundreds of inquiries. In an ideal world, we'd have more
hands on deck, but frankly, we can't afford it and we won't compromise the
care we put into our process by commercializing it and taking the soul out
of what we do.

I'm sorry that you have sick birds. However, I'd like to ask that you would
please take a moment to appreciate my perspective. We shipped them to you
on Feb. 5 and I didn't hear ANYTHING from you about them being sick until
April 5. I'm sorry, but so many illnesses incubate in a 2 month period, so
the fact that you've smeared us on the internet for spreading disease is
outlandish. I can see you smearing me for my lack of contact, but what
you're doing otherwise is libel. There are hundreds of other possibilities
for your birds contracting illness that any vet would back me on.

Most people in the poultry community recognize that there are families
behind farms, and those families have lives. That's why I got into farming.
I don't want to be a slave to the break-neck expectations of the
corporate-minded society I live in. The fact that you were not 100% pleased
with your experience is disappointing to me. However, I would expect more
from a person than to be slanderous and cruel. I would have been happy to
offer replacements and ship additional chicks, etc. But at this point, you
have done so much damage, and hurt us so personally, that I don't feel
compelled to offer any recompense.

Again, I am sorry that you are experiencing illness. As a husband and
custodian, I know the hardship that you face. I also know that it is the
reality of the natural world we live in and one of the hardships of keeping
a healthy farm. I didn't knowingly ship you sick birds. I'm not even
convinced that they arrived to you sick. And I don't hide from my
customers. I never will. I am straightforward in my business dealings.

If you can think of any way to undo the defamation of our reputation, I
would like to speak with you more. But if you continue to pursue this
publicly, I am content to put my faith in the fact that the majority of our
customers simply know me better than that.


Greenfire Farms
PO Box 676
Midway, FL 32343

paypal: [email protected]

Phone: 850.570.3679

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Apr 18, 2010
OP, I am very sorry about your losses and as someone who is very emotionally attached to my farm critters; I realize what a huge, emotional loss that must be. That said, you may want to consult with an attorney as there have been quite a few very successful internet / social media related defamation suits brought by business owners. I believe the term is "trade libel". While you believe that the Greenfire chicks caused your losses; I am not clear from your post what proof you have that Greenfire Farms knowingly packed and shipped sick chicks as opposed to the chicks catching something while in transit across the country - usually in close proximity to live animals being shipped from other producers or the chicks and your flock catching something from other, local disease vectors. I am curious as to the veterinary / necropsy findings regarding the illness that killed your flock as that knowledge might benefit others in the future.

I have no personal or business relationship w/ Greenfire Farms, but I am interested in some of the breeds they carry and came across this thread after searching their name.

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