Greetings and salutations from Shaded Dog Homestead!!!


7 Years
Jan 18, 2013
Hello fellow BYC'ers!!! My name is Mark Walsh and my fiance Audrey Sutton and I are in the process of transforming our one Acre, rural Connecticut property from what we moved into, an overgrown, neglected parcel into a working sustainable homestead. In an effort to both document and track our progress we've started a Facebook page for Shaded Dog Homestead (drop by and like us!) But first off I would like to say that in planning and building our coop, as well as lots of research that went into it, MANY MANY thanks toALL of the folks here at BYC for sharing information about EVERYTHING from designs to breeds!! Photos to come!!!
Howdy from Kansas, featheredcow, and
! Pleased you joined us! Good luck to you and your flock!

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