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9 Years
Mar 1, 2010
My name is Erica and I am new today. I got my first 6 chickens about 2 months ago. They are all bantams, 3 look like Plymouth barred I believe, they are charcoal and white , one looks like it may be an Australorp, but it has golden feathers on its' head, one is Black with dark gold feathers mixed in on her chest and one is white with black tail feathers and looks like she is wearing a black bandana around her neck. I will try to post a picture of them and maybe you can help me to identify what they are. I only know that they are a lot of fun to watch. Right now they live in a 12' x 4' cyclone fenced dog run with a dog kennel inside with no door on it, where I put a make-do nesting box with two nests. We are up to 4 eggs in one day, but some days we don't get any, which I know is normal. I have always wanted Americaunas to lay the blue or green eggs and I also want to get a couple of either Rhode Island/New Hampshire/Production reds to make sure we get a couple of eggs a day. I want these to be full size standard chickens instead of the bantams. I may be able to get the chicks tomorrow, but I am nervous about them surviving and I read that they cannot be put with other chickens until they are the same size, so I don't know if I will keep my first six bantams, if the babies do well, even though I know I won't get any eggs for at least 3 months if not longer . I may be able to keep both sets with the current quasi coop set-up and another small coop I just got, that needs to be built. Any suggestions on how many chicks I need to hopefully end up with 6 Americauna pullets and two reds? I just haven't found info. yet on expected mortality, I know it is probably here in the forum, but I haven't read anything, I just signed up on the recommendation of a breeder here in my area. Thank you for your input and I appreciate any help!
from WI!
from Washington state

This is my first time raising chicks too, though my husband is an old pro (whew), so I'll be learning right alongside you! You've found yourself a wellspring of info here on BYC--again,welcome.

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