Greetings from ABQ!!


9 Years
Aug 30, 2011
Hello everyone!

After lurking about for a long, long, long time, I've decided to finally give in and join the party!

I am new to keeping chickens - right now I have four, 2-week-one-day-old babies:
Cheeky - an Easter Egger,
Grace - an Easter Egger,
Joy - a Dominique,
and Kiki - who was supposed to be a Dom but really looks like a Barred Rock (her comb is straight, single, and prominent).


Please feel free to see the photos of the babies and their home we built for them here:

We just moved them into their outdoor coop, though still with their light to be sure they have enough heat at night. Living here in ABQ, the time is perfect for their being outside and... frankly... being indoors they had started to give off a tiny bit of chicken funk! I was cleaning their cage twice a day and even that wasn't enough - so with them outside and starting a deep litter method, I'm stoked!

The first day out, Cheeky snapped up a tasty fly!

More about me... I'm a mother of two children, a dog, 2 gerbils, 2 cats, 5 fish, and now, 4 darling pullets! My husband and I met in high-school and we'll have been together 18 years this December, 12 of those married. I act and model on occasion, write as best I can for my career aspirations, and while that works itself out, I work at Whole Foods Market. I'm a neo-hippy who has a home eco-system - My gerbils gnaw up all the cereal boxes we can't recycle, it goes into a worm bin, they turn it into compost, we put it on our organic garden. Chicks were a next step not only for eggs, but to help with pest control and offer up fertilizer to accompany the compost.

My dream? A fully sustainable, green, off-the-grid house on about 5 acres of land full of my loving family and a cavalcade of pets and livestock. If I can make that happen, I will have all that I could ask for!

Thanks for having me!

Pretty Birdie

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8 Years
Jul 27, 2011
Welcome to BackYardChickens! I love the idea about letting your gerbils chew up the boxes.
Those boxes go through a lot!
Hmmm...... How's this, write a book, call it: The Life-cycle of Boxes. It would be a best seller!

Just kidding.

Seriously though, I love how much you are doing to save the environment.

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