Greetings from Alabama


6 Years
Apr 19, 2013
Hi. My name is Lynn and we are from East Alabama. My 9 yr old son signed up for the 4-H chick chain and we are awaiting the arrival of our new family members. According to the flyer, these chicks will be 2 days old. They will be Rhode Island Reds and Barred Plymouth Rocks. We will be receiving 16 of them and he has to raise them and take the three best ones to the fair in October to show and sell.
We have never raised chickens before so this should be fun. Any advise if appreciated. We are excited!
Hi Lynn, please enjoy you're visit. So glad you joined us!
Thanks for the warm welcome!
I have a question and probably should just start a new thread but anyhow, I feel like most of you can help.
I am trying to plan a 2-3 night vacation this summer to Florida and I am wondering when we should do it. Our chicks will be a couple of days old when we get them at the end of May. We can't leave until they are old enough to be in the pen. Would the end of July be ideal?
I have a great neighbor who would feed and water them while we are gone. Any suggestions?

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