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Short Rooster

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Mar 10, 2010
Hello Everyone,
I'm ready to start a new hobby. All my friends think I've lost my mind when I told them I want to raise chickens.
I grew up in a big city and never got to do things like this back home. Now I live outside city limits and can have the good pets.
I found this website the other day and now I can't wait to get my peeps.
I got my coop all together and ready to go but then someone told me not to buy my peeps at the tractor supply store.
I am really interested in the australorps and would love to get them soon.
Would I be better off ordering them online or going to the feed store?
Any info. would be great!
Thank you and have a great day!
Hey ShortyRoo, welcome to BYC - and to the addiction.

Black Australorps are great birds, great egg producers, and very pretty in sunshine.

As far as getting chicks locally or online, I'd try locallly so you can take a real good look to see their approx. level of health.
However, since feed stores sometimes mix up their boxes, or people put a chick back in the wrong bin, you run the risk of getting a roo when you might only want pullets.
But I guess you run the same risk by ordering from a website too. Chicken-sexing is an art, not a science.

Good luck, and good for you for building your coop BEFORE getting the chicks!
to the BYC from South Africa
from Ohio. So glad you joined. Our local TSC gets chicks in straight run only, so if you only want egg layers, I would spend a little more and get them from a hatchery that sells sexed chicks. I get mine from Meyer in Polk, Oh and I have never gotten a roo from them unless I ordered them. Good Luck.
Hi Welcome to B.Y.C. from another W.V.ian. It'all a matter of choice when it comes to getting chickens from a hatchery or private owner. There's good,and bad in both. You'll find people here friendly,and willing to give good advice. Ask away!
from Wv
Our TRS gets chicks for Mt. Healthy hatchery. I would ask your TRS where they get there chicks and check it out on line and see if you like the place and breeds they have. Good Luck to you.

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