Greetings from Gainesville, Fl


9 Years
Mar 8, 2010
I came here looking for someone that could tell me about rules re: backyard chickens in Gainesville, Fl. So far I think I can keep two but I think 'search' will help further my education. Like so many others, we want to provide some of our own food and teach our children something about their food. My family is not yet in Gainesville but we are actively searching and hope to be there by July.
from Ohio. So glad you joined. There are a lot of folks from FL here so I'm sure when they login they can help you out. Most of the time when a community has a limit on chickens, roos aren't allowed. Good luck
I do not live directly in Gainesville, but just outside of it, so im sure there is someone who will be of better help, but as ive heard it is ok to have maybe 2 hens living in Gainesville (Alachua Cty). I am not 100% sure on this, but it is something I have heard. I live in Newberry, where there is quite a bit of farm land, and I live "in town" which is pretty much across the street from cattle pastures and all sorts of stuff and im technically not supposed to have any sort of chickens..odd!!! I have lived here since July of 2007 and have had hens and roosters that dont stop crowing, and ive never had an issue. My neighbors are also very kind and dont mind my roosters as well.

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