Greetings from Lafayette, IN


8 Years
May 29, 2011
Hey there.

Back in Indiana again after having been in an urban/suburban area for...way too long. I always raised ornamental and laying chickens as a teen growing up in this area and I'm getting back into the hobby now. It's a little intimidating not having a barn but we plan on building a coop.

I used to have something on the order of an encyclopedic knowledge of chicken raising and it's slowly coming back to me after ten years or so...I bought an egg layer assortment plus a few roosters from McMurray. Plan is to eat the roosters and give away some of the layers to good homes and keep a decent collection for eggs and meat. It's awesome getting to do this again--right now my 32 chickens are living in a brooder in my greenhouse. Three weeks old already.

congrats on the chicks

from Washington! 5 years ago I would never have thought I would be raising my chickens and now I can't imagine myself ever again not owning chickens. Congrats on your little chickies and happy chicken farming!!

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