Greetings from MICHIGAN


6 Years
Mar 10, 2013
I'm a new member from the mitten state. I'm taking the big leap and starating a "hobby farm". So far I have 3 Easter Eggers and 3 Golden Laced Wyandotte. Have plans for the Coop now we need to get building! Have more babies coming end of May. Hoping to get them all settled and start prepping for the Goat's and Sheep. So excited to see my dreams become a reality though reality is going to be a lot of work but I'm ready, willing and able!
WELCOME! I too am from the mitten state. Just south of Ann Arbor actually. Just started back to raising chickens after many years of not. I started with Rhode Island Reds and then ordered some others to get started. Hope to see some pictures soon!


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