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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by CountryBasketeer, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. CountryBasketeer

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    Nov 6, 2009
    We have recently embarked on an adventure of simple-country living, and we couldn't be happier! My husband will be retiring from the US Army next year, after 25 years of service. These past 25 years have been very good to us, we've seen much of the world, but we are ready to settle down!!! Our dream has been to have a hobby farm in the midwest, with chickens, horses, goats, dogs, cats...etc. Finally our dream has come to fruition, and here we are in a very small...I mean VERY small town of Bogard, MO, pop 234 (I think). We managed to snag a 23 acre farm, with a 100 year old house, smack dab in the middle of Amish Country! It's delightful!!! We've met some wonderfully nice people, who have been so welcoming to us "city folk"! ;-) We understand that we have a lot to learn, but we are ready to jump right in!!! We transfered from Fort Meade, MD in July. Now, if you're familiar with that area, we are smack dab in between Baltimore and Washington, DC, on the lovely 95 corridor. Traffic is a nightmare!!! Waaaayyyy too many people for us simpletons. Enough was finally enough, my husband submitted his retirement paperwork, and the Army was gracious enough to assign him to Kansas City for his last year of service! We couldn't be happier!!!
    So begins a new chapter in our of simple living...lifelong involvement...and enjoying this beautiful country in which we live!

    By joining this forum, I hope to meet people with my same interests, people that can offer advice, words of wisdom, and perhaps a chuckle or two about our chicken exploits! I currenly have 2 hens, Buff Cochins. Like I said, we literally just started! We've only been here a couple of months and we're trying to get settled. I want to get more chickens, but I need to find a Chicken coop/hen house...something really, REALLY cute!!! I thougth this would be the perfect forum to meet people, make friends, maybe find someone who would be willing to mentor me thru this whole "chicken venture".

    I look forward to hearing from all of you...whether it be chicken advice...welcome to the neighborhood...or much needed friendship...something all of us could use more of!!!

    Thank you so much...I look forward to meeting all of you!!!

  2. Imp

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    [​IMG] from Washington

    Great intro, Glad you joined

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    Jul 28, 2007
    Welcome to the neighborhood, I live just up the road and around the corner in Braymer! Retired Navy and slowly working my 10 acres into a hobby farm. Good luck and congratulations, I know well the feeling of wanting to get away after the service.
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    Apr 13, 2008
    Bowdon, GA
    [​IMG] from our small full time farm in Georgia where we raise and sell chickens, guineas, ducks, geese and turkeys, bunnies/rabbits, milk goats, and also raise pigs and beef and fresh chemical free vegetables and cooking herbs.... We love our work...We say it's the most fun we ever had for the least amount of pay!

    Your farm sounds so nice and congrats on retirement! Have a blessed and happy time here on BYC...It's full of info and kind and friendly folks! And please let me know if we can ever help you navigate or in any other way!
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    Aug 4, 2009
    Welcome to BYC from Ohio
  6. gumpsgirl

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    Mar 25, 2008
    Welcome! [​IMG]
  7. b.hromada

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    Hi Leslynn! [​IMG] from S. Florida! Its great to have you here with us! Thats wonderful! Now you can enjoy your lifes simple pleasures for sure! [​IMG] Have fun, lucky you!!!

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    Apr 8, 2009
    [​IMG] from UT!
  9. al6517

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    May 13, 2008
  10. CountryBasketeer

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    Nov 6, 2009
    Thanks so much everyone!!! So happy to be here!!! ~Leslynn

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