Greetings from N. Idaho


8 Years
Dec 28, 2011
Coeur d'Alene, ID
My name is David. Born in Olongopo Bay, Zambales, on the Island of Luzon, in the Philippines.

We moved nine times before I turned four, then landed in Maryland. Between Annapolis and Baltimore, on the Severn River.

In 1989, at age 19, I left home for college, in Idaho. Moscow looked like the biggest golf course you have ever seen. I saw a deer, in town, my first day there. The first day I was a resident I had a close call with an escaped bull, from a rodeo. Whee! Unlike Maryland...

Graduated from UI in 1993.

Got married to my college sweetheart, in 1993 who broke my heart 7 years later.

I've worked at the same place for 12 years [yawn].

Bought a house in 2003, a new Mustang GT, in 2006 and started my backyard chicken "ranch" (9 birds) in 2008.
Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan

The owner of Sandhill Preservation lived in Idaho for many years before moving to Iowa
Hi David! We just moved to the country and second night here a coyote ran across the yard near us...I just about had a heart attack! We hear them howl, a big difference from hearing police and ambulance sirens.

I just wanted to say hello, I am new here too and love this website.

Yeah, we lose a lot of people to "the big city".
My Mom's old college roommate lives in Iowa. Visited there once, as a kid. People are not kidding when they say it's flat. Flat places look all lumpy and mountainous, compared to Iowa, as I recall!
We were warned not to walk into the corn (popcorn). You get turned around and as a kid, you can't see over it. Then you've got a lot of walking ahead of you, to find the next road. It was my first interaction with chickens.

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