Greetings from NC!


6 Years
Apr 21, 2013
North Carolina
Hey there! We are new to BYC and so glad to have found it! What a great information source!!! We are new to raising chickens. My children gave me 7 precious 3-day-old Golden Comets for my b-day in March. Our brooder was a plastic baby pool surrounded by a bendable baby gate and topped with two standard baby gates... in my kitchen. I'm thankful that they moved outside last week, into an A-frame coop we built as a family using a design found on BYC. We wanted chickens as a family homeschooling project and for organic, fresh eggs. We won't be eating any of the chickens, as my children have named them all and consider them pets now! Looking forward to enjoying the poultry world with all of you!
Here's one of my chicks at about a week old... if she ONLY knew where she was standing! Her name's Caramel.

And here's our moveable coop... we are considering a larger structure for when they are bigger.

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Howdy from Kansas, CarolinaMama, and
! Pleased you joined us! That is a great looking coop! Good luck to you and your birds!

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