Greetings from SD!!!


6 Years
Apr 16, 2013
Hi all(what a great website!) I'm in SD about 30 minutes south of Rapid City. We've got a flock of 18 mixed ladies with one beautiful brahma roo. They are multi-purpose hens and all on the larger size in case the raptors want to give them a try. We(I) don't eat them, I just can't bring myself to do it, although my husband keeps mentioning it. We are looking to integrate another 11 hens that are about the same age(1.5 yrs old) and although posted on another part of the site figured posting here too wasn't a bad idea. Any suggestions other than introducing them to the roost at night? We have enough room to free range them during the day and at night they return to the roost on their own. Thanks for the feedback! Hilary
Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan :D

First you would be wise to keep your new hens completely separate for 2-3 weeks to ensure they are healthy and will not spread parasites or sickness to your birds. When you are ready to integrate them, pen them next to your current flock for a few days to let them all become aquainted before putting them all together. Good luck.
Greetings from Kansas, hilaryc, and
! Pleased you joined our community! I have integrated birds before but it always involves putting them in the roost at dark (and letting them out at first light). I usually give them 2 or 3 days of getting to know each other through a fence before the first night, though. Best of luck to you!

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