greetings from the Cascade mountains of Washington state


Nov 6, 2018
Hi all, in 2015 I sold my house and car in Philadelphia, bought a truck and travel trailer and traveled West until I finally bought a house in Leavenworth, WA, in the Cascade mountains in 2016. The first thing I did was get a flock of chickens, but haven't gotten around to building a run for them yet, so the flock in all it's various members have been free-ranging now for 2 years (half of them are 2, half of them are 8 month old)

Flock is a mix of silver-laced and gold-laced wyandottes, americaunas, an australorp, 2 polish, and 1 I have not identified yet. I should post a pic of her and let you all tell me what she is!

Other hobbies include mountain biking, road cycling, weightlifting, xc skiing, and I am currently the Founder of a biotech company which I am trying to get off the ground, which means at some point in the near future I will be splitting my time between rural Plain and the Puget Sound area. I will need a chicken run then, as all of my neighbors have lost chickens due to coyote, cougars, raccoons, birds of prey, bears, etc, but mine have been pretty safe due to my dog and the fact that I am around all the time. When that changes I am going to have to lock them up a bit more.

Looking forward to learning from your wisdom. Thanks, andrea
Bonjour :frowand welcome from France! Sounds like you have some very cool hobbies! Good luck with your start up!

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