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Nov 8, 2012
Texas Gulf Coast
Our family lives just north of Houston in a anti-freedom, anti-self sustaining community (no use suggesting we move as it's not in the cards for another 4-5 years). Deed restrictions are fierce and the chances of changing them is almost 0%. So we have decided to become dangerous, evil, chicken raising outlaws. We have woods behind our house and all of the neighbors have happily given their blessing. Over the course of the next 3 months I will be constructing some sort of coop that is safe and comfortable for approximately 6 laying hens while still remaining mostly camouflaged.

Please feel free to comment as we are new to this and can use all the constructive criticism y'all can provide...
  • Heat -> Texas is hotter'n crap in summer. (although I plan on providing shade and some good breeze for our chicks)
  • Hen selection -> We are looking for good egg layers that take heat and are as quiet as can be. We're not worried about normal clucking and such...but loud, all evening noise probably won't be well received. We are thinking of a combination of Silver Laced Wyandotte, Wheaten or Blue Ameraucana, Black Austrolorps...thoughts?
  • Coop -> We have a 6 x 14 (thinking area available but are limited to 6 feet tall....any suggestions on design? I wanted it to be raised so we can increase the outside square footage to include the area under the coop.

That's about it...appreciate your feedback.

Greetings from Kansas, UrbanOutlaw, and
! Happy you joined our community! I would scour the various forums on BYC for ideas on coops, quiet chicken breeds, and dealing with the heat. There are various forums that would cover these topics, or you can do a search with key words or post questions in the appropriate forum - you will get lots of responses and ideas. Best of luck in your clandestine chicken endeavors!!
Hi, welcome to BYC......good luck on your plans

A couple other breeds that might fit what ur looking for are barred plymouth rocks, and rhode island reds. They are both hardy in extreme weather, and super quiet(at least mine are). Mine barely ever make a peep. Also, they are great egg layers. But i do like the breeds u have on ur list also.

The most important thing chickens need in hot weather is shade, and plenty of water to drink....there are other tricks to keeping them cool too.

My coop is a raised coop w/ 2 feet underneath, and it is about 6 ft altogether. the inside is about 5ftX3ft, it it fits 5 hens in there comfortably since they only go in there to sleep and lay their eggs.
Welcome and good luck! I have just gotten some hatchery SLW and these girls are very quiet, but also among the youngest of a fairly large group of hens. They are pretty striking too-- even with being hatchery stock.

Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan

Basque chickens (Euskal Oiloa) are very good layers, very heat tolerant, and very friendly. My hens do not seem unsually noisy, although the rooster is a noisy boy!
Greetings from North Idaho.
My Wyandottes are mute....strange, but I have noisy RIR's and Orpingtons. Either they have nothing to say or just quiet chickens. My rooster (Wayandotte) was threatened with, "You die". He is happily attending the hens and has not made a "peep". He lives. I applaud your endeavor.

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