Greetings from Ventucky, CA!!


9 Years
Oct 4, 2011
Bonners Ferry, Idaho
Hello chicken lovers!! I am so happy to be joining your community. Ventucky is slang for Ventura County, CA (southern CA). In some areas, VC is very "country" so we affectionately refer to these parts as Ventucky since it feels very rural where we're at. Anyhoo, at long last, my dream of raising chickens is about to come to fruition. My husband and I just finished our chicken run today:


We will be bringing home our new pullets tomorrow. We have picked out quite a variety, bringing home eight in all. Here's what we are planning on:

Auracana or Ameraucana: (1)
Australorp: (1)
Wyandotte: (2)
Brahma or Delaware: (1)
Marans or Plymouth Rock: (1)
Orpington or Polish: (1) - My husband insists on the Polish
Rhode Island Red: (1)

I'm sure I'll be bombarding you all with tons and tons of questions as I get used to being a new chicken mama, but in the meantime here's an important question: can you have Bantams live with Standards or is the size difference a recipe for trouble?

Other than that, would you please send any advice you have my way? We've tried to cover all of our bases but I'm sure there are things we've forgotten.

Thanks so much!!
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