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May 21, 2011
My name is Cindy and after hearing my friend talk about the forum I decided to join. I've been raising poultry for about 2 years now due in large part to my two girls who wanted to join 4H. We just added ducks to our collection. My husband is getting nervous as we plan to build our 4th coop. I've sworn this is the last. (no, I didn't have my fingers crossed) Must admit I love the ducks. They are so much fun to watch. Currect count - 10 hens, 1 rooster, 18 chicks, and 5 ducks.

We have 6 white runner duck eggs in the incubator. When we candled it showed they were all fertile! Our menegerie includes a female muscovy we rescued, two Australian spotted (drake and duck), and a drake and duck white runner.
from NW Indiana
Hi you guys, I just joined today. Saw a post from West Mighigan and want to let you know I'm in East Michigan, just below the bottom of Saginaw Bay!!
I don't have my chickens yet, working on getting all the stuff I'll need to raise them happy and healthy. Making most of it myself, trying to recycle etc.
So far I've made a perch and a small nest box from old dresser drawers!! Don't know how long it'll take me to be ready, in the meantime read Read READ and LEARN.
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I just joined today also, and I'll fill in the middle of Michigan!
I have four breeds of chickens- light brahma, chochins, welsummers, and americauna's. We have a pair of muscovy ducks that we love, too.
from Alabama. Those runners are so comical aren't they? We have fawn & white, black, blue, etc runners & we just love them
Good luck with your hatch

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