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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by lamoka, May 18, 2010.

  1. lamoka

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    May 18, 2010
    Western NY
    Hello to everyone this seems to be a great site to gather information and ideas. It has been about 20 years since I have kept chickens and if all goes as planned I will be starting up again in the spring of 2011. I plan on getting the cage and run built and ready to go by this fall. When the chickens get to be adults I plan on letting them free range during the day and secure them at night. I'am a little concerned about Bears, 20 years ago we did not have to worry about them but thanks to our DEC bringing "problem" bears to our area for relocation we have more then our fair share, and they get into everything!! Thanks for all the great ideas you all have posted I already have several options for the coop and run!!
  2. trilyn

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    Apr 13, 2009
    East Syracuse
    [​IMG] from NY!!
  3. 4-H chicken mom

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    Aug 3, 2007
    Oberlin, OH
    [​IMG] and [​IMG] from Ohio. So glad you joined. [​IMG]
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    May 2, 2010
  5. BarredBuff

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    Dec 6, 2009
  6. Bantimna

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    Sep 29, 2009
    South Africa
    To the BYC from South Africa!
  7. b.hromada

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    [​IMG] and [​IMG] from S. Florida! Glad you joined us! [​IMG]

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